The world’s most standard freeware messaging application

“The world’s most standard freeware messaging application avowed its before assertion that, as of Monday, any customers who have not upheld up their secured data and chats on Google Drive will lose their visit accounts.

WhatsApp, which is guaranteed by tech goliath Facebook, had accomplished a simultaneousness with Google last August to store customer content on the Google Drive conveyed capacity advantage without said data impacting the customer’s most noteworthy memory bind, Efe uncovered.

In addition, WhatsApp advised that any fortifications that hadn’t been invigorated in over a year would in like manner be normally ousted from the Google Drive amassing.

This will in like manner empower customers to easily reload their data on different or new Android phones.

Android customers can invigorate their copy and structure its revive repeat as long as they have an individual record on Google”


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